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By Steven

So you’ve found Blacklustre Clothing Company, but who runs it? Well, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Steven. I was born in 1979 in Phoenix. When I was two, we moved to a rural area of Washington state, and when I was eight, we moved to the small town of Page, Arizona. In fact, chances are you’ve seen famous pictures taken within three miles of where I was raised. Ever heard of Antelope Canyon? Horseshoe Bend? How about Lake Powell? Even if you haven’t, perhaps you’ve seen the pictures featured in movies like Planet of the Apes, Point Break, Maverick...

For being such a beautiful place, only a few Black folks lived there. In fact, there were only four of us in my high school. Top that off with me being raised by a single, Irish-American (and Mormon) mother. I grew up without my Black father, though we got to know each other later, however these are longer stories for a different day.

Frequently, I have felt that being a child of two worlds meant that I didn’t belong. I was too Black to be white, and too white to be Black. But I grew out of the phase of assimilation and into seeing the beauty and magic we Black people possess in all our various shades.

My career stops in real estate, marketing, education, and operations gave me the passion to know what I wanted to really do: Support the amazing beauty of Black culture. So I put my creativity (and my MBA) to use and started Blacklustre Clothing Company. I wanted to promote the majesty of our people and get in the fight against injustice. I hope you join me.

Stay Black and Move Forward.


Founder, Blacklustre Clothing Company

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